Customizable Pride Pin -  Crew Pack
Customizable Pride Pin -  Crew Pack
Customizable Pride Pin -  Crew Pack
Customizable Pride Pin -  Crew Pack
Customizable Pride Pin -  Crew Pack

Customizable Pride Pin - Crew Pack

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The perfect collection of pins for a friend group or chosen family of intersectional queer folx! Get 4 sets of Customizable Pride Pins and share them around. Get them as a gift for the comrades or polycule, or group up your money and save! The Customizable Pride Pin is the most flexible pride pin on the market, with two interweaving sides that can be mixed and matched to best suit how you feel and identify!

The collection has been updated! Please read below to learn more about how the Customizable Pride Pin in changing.

Q: What is changing about the Customizable Pride Pin?

A: We are updating the style of the Customizable Pride Pin by mirroring the original design. While the original style “flows” counterclockwise, the new style “flows” clockwise. We are adding 11 new identities to this new style of the Customizable Pride Pin, but these new identities will not be released under the old style. The old style will remain available as the Legacy Edition while stock lasts, but will not be restocked and is now a limited-edition item. No new identities will be added to the Legacy Edition.

Q: Why are you making these changes?

In anticipation of a new product line! We are going to be expanding on the Customizable Pride idea in a thoughtful new way with an expected launch Spring 2023. This new product line necessitates this change to the original design. By making this change now (when we are adding an additional 11 identities) instead of waiting until we launch the new product line, we are able to ensure we don’t have to delay the launch and miss next year’s Pride festivities. Expect more details to come out early 2023.

Q: What new identities are being added to the Customizable Pride Pin in the new style?

Grey Aromantic / Greyrom
Any/All (on pastel brown)
"No Pronouns Please" (on white)

*We will contribute half of all proceeds to 2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations, an organization recommended by the community.

Q: How can we get the old style/“Legacy Edition” Customizable Pride Pins?

While stock is available, the old style of Customizable Pride Pin will be available as a separate listing on our Etsy store as well as at They will be called the “Legacy Edition” and will be a true collector’s item of Pin-Ace’s early years. The Legacy Edition will no longer be brought with us to events and markets and will be available exclusively online.

Q: Will pins from the new style be compatible with the Legacy style of the Customizable Pride Pin?

A: Unfortunately not, the pins made in the new style will not be compatible with the old style - they will not combine with each other to create a full pin.

Q: Wait, wasn't the WHOLE POINT that I could mix and match these and now I can't without rebuying the stuff I already love?! That's unfair!

That absolutely would be unfair - which is why when you are upgrading or changing things up you will not have to rebuy your old identities.We will send them to you for free!. 

When we talked about making this change, we bemoaned that we should have done it this way from the beginning. So, we're going to make it as if we did. If you have previously purchased a Legacy style pin set, and you want to add or swap in one of the new identities, with the purchase of that new half we will send you copies of your other identity pins in the new style free of charge - just let us know what your old order was and what identities you need new copies of!

As an example, if you bought a Non-Binary and They/Them set in the Legacy style before this launch and wanted to buy a Panromantic half to add to your old set, reach out to us and let us know and we will sent Non-Binary, They/Them and Panromantic halves in the new style for your purchase of just the Panromantic half.

Customer Reviews

Based on 759 reviews
I love them!

Made from a sturdy material and arrived fairly quickly. They're a cute and easy way to show your Pride, and they're fun to mix and match! I'll be returning in the future to purchase more, for my sexuality flags. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Love love love!

I purchased the bi flag and the nonbinary flag pins and they're perfect!

Love them SO much!

Looks great on my bag. Zero fear of them coming off. Very well made! Looks exactly as ordered. I have never felt fully represented before.

Jocey Leaman

Seriously so cute!!! I've gotten so many compliments on them and I love how they look on my bag! :)

Confused 🫤

So all my pins were wonderful except the Asexual pin. Instead of being purple like how the actual Asexual flag is, the “purple” is magenta. That’s a completely different flag entirely. I don’t know if it was a misprint or whatever. But when I went back to the store it still showed it as magenta for the Asexual pin. Why is it magenta instead of purple?

Hi Ashla,

Thank you for your review. The Ace flag uses a very particular shade of purple. Not all colour shades are available as a colour of enamel paint so we need to use the closest approximation. Based on our calculation, and as confirmed by, the closest enamel paint colour availale was Pantone 2425c. We created this example image to show how Pantone 2425c compares to the actual flag and how it looks on our pins:

I understand the frustration in not being able to get the absolutely perfect pin - this is a big reason why we created the visualizer on the Customizable Pride Pin's product page. It gives our customers the opportunity to see exactly what their pin set is going to look like - and like your review acknowledges, the Asexual pin on the visualizer appears just how you received it.

I hope this helps answer your concerns!

Darcy Alemany, owner