Pin-Ace may be the best thing to come out of one of the hardest times in my life. Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic, I began suffering from very severe depression, which was only exacerbated by the global shutdown and associated isolation. Looking for a way to crawl myself out of the hole, my mental health professional suggested that I try to find something that I can put my attention and energy into, no matter how small, and I decided to try making pins. I love celebrating simple and heartwarming stories, empowering people to be themselves, and drawing attention to the ways we can do better. Pins are such a wonderful medium to do those things.

Based out of Toronto, Canada since January 2021, I hope Pin-Ace comes to reflect all those good things I want to put out in the world. Currently 26 designs strong, with plans for dozens more down the line, I’m sure you’ll find one that speaks directly to you. Maybe it’s a flag design, or a more subtle formal bar pin, or maybe one of the pin celebrating our queer and ace animal friends, there is something for every human to appreciate in the collection.

Thank you for visiting Pin-Ace. I hope you too can find a little sliver of pure goodness in even your toughest challenges.

Owner, Pin-Ace