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I love them!

Made from a sturdy material and arrived fairly quickly. They're a cute and easy way to show your Pride, and they're fun to mix and match! I'll be returning in the future to purchase more, for my sexuality flags. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Love love love!

I purchased the bi flag and the nonbinary flag pins and they're perfect!

Love them SO much!

Looks great on my bag. Zero fear of them coming off. Very well made! Looks exactly as ordered. I have never felt fully represented before.


Seriously so cute!!! I've gotten so many compliments on them and I love how they look on my bag! :)

Confused 🫤

So all my pins were wonderful except the Asexual pin. Instead of being purple like how the actual Asexual flag is, the “purple” is magenta. That’s a completely different flag entirely. I don’t know if it was a misprint or whatever. But when I went back to the store it still showed it as magenta for the Asexual pin. Why is it magenta instead of purple?

Hi Ashla,

Thank you for your review. The Ace flag uses a very particular shade of purple. Not all colour shades are available as a colour of enamel paint so we need to use the closest approximation. Based on our calculation, and as confirmed by, the closest enamel paint colour availale was Pantone 2425c. We created this example image to show how Pantone 2425c compares to the actual flag and how it looks on our pins:

I understand the frustration in not being able to get the absolutely perfect pin - this is a big reason why we created the visualizer on the Customizable Pride Pin's product page. It gives our customers the opportunity to see exactly what their pin set is going to look like - and like your review acknowledges, the Asexual pin on the visualizer appears just how you received it.

I hope this helps answer your concerns!

Darcy Alemany, owner

The freaking coolest!

Amazing options, amazing quality, amazing customer service. 💯 recommend! I wear my pins on my apron at work, which is a Queer-owned coffee shop in Southern California; they've drawn so much attention in the best way from a handful of customers. I love it! A couple of sweet, young trans kids were overjoyed seeing them on their first time in. Made my day, and hopefully theirs, too. Thank you for everything, Pin-Ace!


The quality of the pins are amazing. Came with good holds on the back so I don't lose them. The presentation when you receive them is so fancy too!! Love love love!

Queer and Proud

I bought my pieces a few weeks back and cannot stop finding reasons to wear my jacket to show my pins. I almost want another set to put on my every day bag!


These pins are absolutely amazing! They’re great quality, came with a cute note, and the customer service was phenomenal. LOVE!!


This is the first thing I’ve bought that I feel truly represents me. I love the customization options and it looks incredible! Plus it came pretty quickly, only about a week and a half, but so worth the wait!

Great 👍

Lovely pins, great coloring, arrived quickly. Looking forward to showing them off 😄

Great pins

Great quality pins. Exactly what I wanted.

Beautiful set

Really happy with this set- the heart stopper leaves are perfect as smaller pins to fill in the space on my pin collection and the stickers work great

really cute!

i love it, it made me like the aroace flag

LOVE my pin!

Just got my pin and I LOVE IT! A lot heavier (i.e. more durable) than I expected. :) Recommending it to all my friends. I'll likely order another (with the third pin option this time.) Thank you! <3

Perfect pride pin

I absolutely love my pins! I got the a set of 3 since I liked the added pronoun pin option! The size and colours are really lovely showing my pan pride and she/her pronouns! Definitely recommend! I’ve got them on my book-bag and I love it! It was hard to get a perfect picture, but the colours really are lovely in person!

In love with my pins

I am so in love with my pins. They are perfect for my lanyard for work! I recommend them to everyone!

High-quality Pins!

I absolutely love the quality of these pins- they're a nice size so they show off well and they look nice in general. I love how well my two pins connect to each other. Shipping was fast too!

In love

Love the pin! Incredible quality and I loved the card that it came on. Everyone I've shown has loved it and wanted their own. 10/10 product!

Wonderful pins!

These pins are fun and fabulous - vibrant colors, great quality. Love how they’re customizable! Perfect for my purse or backpack.

Beautiful High-Quality Pins

amazing pins, beautiful addition to my collection <3

Love it!

Fantastic pins, nice sturdy metal, and the colors look excellent. And I really appreciate that each piece of the pin has two prongs on the back instead of one so they stay in place nicely. Would definitely purchase again.

Super cute

Always on the look out for cute little pride pieces to have and these are honestly so cute! Really good size and blend in well with each other to wear individually or together!!! Love love love

Love my Pin

I absolutely love how customizable the pin is and I was beyond thrilled to learn that a panromantic flag existed. It's a good quality pin and it has a permanent place on my work lanyard. I plan on getting a couple more as gifts for my two best friends. Thank you so much again for the exceptional pin!

Highly recommended!

Excellent design and quality construction, even down to the packaging. Love these pins; I'll definitely be buying again.