Is gift wrapping and packaging available?

Yes! For a small fee you can request a pin be sent folded into a decorative envelope. Two varieties are available: soft red or glittery gold. If you have a preference please reach out otherwise one will be chosen at random for you. Note that each envelope can only fit one pin so multiple pins will be sent in their own envelopes.


Can I order wholesale for my store or website?

Bulk orders are available. Please contact me if you are looking to order any designs in quantity. Discounts are available based on the number ordered.


Are your enamel pins hard or soft? What is the difference?

Enamel pins are produced by first lining wells for the enamel paint with ridges of raised metal; this forms the outline of the design. Then enamel paint is then poured to fill the wells like a three dimensional paint-by-number colouring sheet. For soft enamel pins, a very thin layer of paint is put in each well, and you can feel the ridges when you rub your fingers over the pin. For hard enamel pins, the entire well is filled with paint and the pin feels smooth to the touch.

Pin-Ace only sells high quality hard enamel pins. Although slightly more expensive to produce, I believe hard enamel results in a higher quality, more vibrant, and more aesthetically pleasing product.


Are your pins shipped securely and in a discrete package?

Yes! All pins are shipped in a manilla bubble mailer. All packages sent lettermail will be labeled with the Pin-Ace logo, the return address, your address, and a do not bend warning. All packages shipped ground or air are affixed with a shipping label where products are described as "Metal Badges". No further description of the contents are provided.

If your package arrives damaged in any way, please do not hesitate to contact and we can arrange replacements.


Is tracking available?

Yes, tracking is available as a shipping upgrade option! Unfortunately, Free Shipping for Canada and Free Shipping Guarantee for USA only includes non-tracked shipping. Basic paid shipping to all countries includes tracking. Unfortunately, tracked shipping options from Canada is too prohibitive to offer in any other means.


Something happened to my pin can you help me out?

I do everything in my power to make sure pins are the best quality I can find and free of visual defects. However, sometimes items will have a hidden defect that only makes itself known after some time being worn or used. If you received your pin in good condition but then something happened to it within 6 months of receiving it please reach out! I would love to help make it right. Pin-Ace is committed to your satisfaction.